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Spring Clamp Capo – Metal Body in 2 Colors with Bridge Pin Puller




Spring Clamp Capo – Metal Body in 2 Colors with Bridge Pin Puller

The Metal Spring Clamp Capo is one of the best entry-level capos on the market at its price level. Robust, sturdy, simple and portable, its powerful steel spring allows the pads to clamp your strings tightly and produce clean sounds. It even brings a bridge pin puller at one end!

  • High quality metal
  • Quick release system
  • Excellent value
  • Brings a bridge pin puller

Made from ABS metal (the metal used in shipbuilding), you won’t find a sturdier capo, meaning it will last a long time and still maintain its amazing performance. Coupled with its strong body, this capo also offers you a robust steel spring, creating a powerful clamp that eliminates any rattling or buzzing sounds.

Due to its quick release system, you can change the capo’s position mid-song quickly with only one hand, getting rid of those awkward long pauses between songs. You don’t even have to worry about damaging your neck and strings due to its high quality rubber pads.

Lastly, you have a bridge pin puller in one end and a big decision to make: black or white? So, take advantage of this opportunity and remember that at an astonishingly low price, you’re buying a tool to accompany your musical career with reliability.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal Spring Clamp Capo

Spring Clamp CapoSpring Clamp Capo 2Spring Clamp Capo 3Spring Clamp Capo 4Spring Clamp Capo 5Spring Clamp Capo 6Spring Clamp Capo 7Spring Clamp Capo 8Spring Clamp Capo 9Spring Clamp Capo 9Spring Clamp Capo 10Spring Clamp Capo 11

Additional information

Weight0.03 oz
Dimensions15 × 20 × 20 in
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3 reviews for Spring Clamp Capo – Metal Body in 2 Colors with Bridge Pin Puller

  1. Kyle A.

    It’s simple but it’s really cheap and does a good job, can’t complain! I would recommend this product to anyone who needs guitar capo that performs well at a very low price.

  2. Paulo Ramos

    Great capo, delivers a firm hold and it came nicely packaged.

  3. Stanton Alex

    While it’s not the best quality, as expected at this price of course, it works great overall so it’s good enough.

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