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TC-03 Spring Clamp Capo – Metal Body in 7 Colors (Metal or Wooden) with Bridge Pin Puller




TC-03 Spring Clamp Capo – Metal Body in 7 Colors (Metal or Wooden) with Bridge Pin Puller

The TC-03 Metal Spring Clam Capo is the way to go if you want a modern multifunctional tool that performs professionally while also looking great – whether it’s with classic metal finishes or with a rustic, classy wooden one. Not only do you get a durable metal capo that will allow you reach new creative possibilities, but you also get a bridge pin puller on the handle.

  • High quality zinc body
  • Soft silicone pads
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Excellent Value

Only the TC-03 can give you a rustic, old-school wooden look, while maintaining a strong and durable zinc alloy body. You don’t even have to worry about damaging your guitar, ukulele, or mandolin’s strings and neck due to its soft, high-quality silicone pads on both sides of the clamp.

A strong steel spring is the reason behind this capo’s even and sturdy string pressure, allowing you to reach the cleanest and most amazing sounds you have ever reached, while its beautiful design give you a comfortable grip and a quick release system – no more stopping your sound just to change its position!

Best of all, it’s available at a fantastic price and you have the option to choose between 7 different colors and finishes – both metal or wooden. Let your guitar have a say in this decision and choose the one that best suits it!

Lastly, measuring 2,8in x 3,5in // 72mm x 90mm, this capo is lightweight, easy to carry and as an extra it also features a bridge pin puller at one end, making it a beautiful multifunctional tool.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x TC-03 Metal Spring Clamp Capo

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Additional information

Weight0.09 oz
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 in


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Quick-change capo

7 reviews for TC-03 Spring Clamp Capo – Metal Body in 7 Colors (Metal or Wooden) with Bridge Pin Puller

  1. Gino

    In short: buy it! Great packaging, arrived fast and it’s a very good capo. Looks super cool and clamps perfectly, makes key changing very easy.

  2. Cooper

    Highly impressive quality. The metal is super strong and the finish is outstanding, looks just as good as it works. 5 stars with ease.

  3. Jeanne C.

    Fabulous looks and incredibly sturdy construction. Arrived in just 14 days too.

  4. Theresa Prater

    Super strong aluminum body with a GORGEOUS wooden finish, couldn’t ask for better. Clamps on tight and it’s a breeze to use, love it!

  5. Pedro Hearst

    Extremely nice capo for a very affordable price.

  6. Cyd Rodriguez

    Best metal capo I’ve ever had. Built like a tank and looks fantastic, couldn’t ask for better.

  7. Ian Fernandes

    Looks amazing, nice package, extremely fast delivery and capo is working darn good. Nice grip, great price, good looks. Thanks will buy again!

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