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G-25 Trigger Capo – Metal Trigger Capo in 5 Colors

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G-25 Trigger Capo – Metal Trigger Capo in 5 Colors

The Metal G-25 Trigger Capo isn’t just like any trigger capo. Combine a durable, good-looking design with a powerful trigger mechanism, a versatile size and a great price and you’ve got the G-25. Who said a powerfully effective trigger capo couldn’t look good as well? Available in 5 different colors, it’ll perfectly suit your style while delivering the substance.

  • High quality aluminium
  • Strong trigger mechanism
  • Quick change system
  • Good looking design
  • Fantastic price

“Solid as a rock” and “very durable” are just two of our costumer’s reviews about the G-25. The high quality aluminium alloy is the pillar behind its sturdy body, meaning you can Rock N’ Roll all you want and still have a capable tool at the end.

The main job of a capo is pressing the strings tightly in you preferred key in order to produce a clean bright sound when you’re playing. The G-25 has no problems there due to its potent steel spring. And we know what you’re thinking – “what if that powerful pressure damages my guitar neck, or even my strings?” Again, no problem there for the G-25. Soft but resilient silicone pads in both inner sides of this capo offers you all the protection you need to keep your strings and neck safe and sound.

It wouldn’t be a great capo if it wasn’t easy to use. The G-25 trigger system allows you to change its fret position with only one hand, in a matter of seconds, whilst offering you a comfortable grip.

Lastly, its modern-looking design is out of this world. Bring a touch of class to your guitar while choosing the color that best suits it. You can choose between 5 different colors – Black, Gold, Silver, Blue and Red – all available at the same great price.

What you’ll get:

  • 1 x Metal G-25 Trigger Capo


Additional information

Weight0.05 oz
Dimensions10 × 5 × 5 in
Model Number

Metal capo

Brand Name



guitar capo



product type

Guitar Capo

5 reviews for G-25 Trigger Capo – Metal Trigger Capo in 5 Colors

  1. Mike Verde

    Very good capo, especially at such a low price. Looks really great and it feels solid as a rock, clamps perfectly too. 5 stars!

  2. Ray Muldrow

    Perfect, looks just like in the picture and it’s made of really durable material. Great design too, only took 2 weeks to arrive.

  3. Wesley

    A simply good trigger capo, does everything you need. Good quality product all around, recommended.

  4. Chris Hayes

    Came in around 15 days. Very comfortable to use and it fits the narrow neck of my guitar really well, it’s also very well built.

  5. Jorge Brown

    Came in perfect condition, presses the strings tightly to the neck, which is good. Arrived in 2 weeks and I highly recommend it, looks beautiful.

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